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CONISTON 12th Sept 2021

 CONISTON 12th Sept 2021 Photo from Yvonne Coniston 12 th Sept 2021 It was a perfect day for walking and six of the seven groups left the coach at Torver – heading by various routes to the top of the Old Man. Perversely the Oldhams turned south to include the White Maiden peaks before turning for the Old Man and others - 14 miles and 4,000’. Geoff Mike and Damian wet straight for Brown Pike and Dow Crag and cautiously explored the dramatic gullies dropping into Goats Water before crossing to the Old Man and then following the ridge to Swirl Howe to view the sad Memorial there. Paul C also took his group over Dow and the Old Man and then descended by the Boo Tarn path. Stuart’s group made straight for Goats Tarn and the Old Man. After visiting and meeting various other members there, they followed the ridge to descend by Prison Band and Swirl Hause. They enjoyed the newly and partially restored mining machinery in the Coniston Valley. Mike J’s group searched and found the r

CASTLETON 29th August 2021

  Castleton was the venue for the final walk in August. The weather was overcast but stayed dry all day. Anne and Helen led their group from Bamford Church in Hope Valley across the fields to Ashton Hall, over Lose Hill and progressed to Castleton. A neat day’s walking. Each of the other groups ascended Mam Tor from different directions. The Oldhams headed directly for Kinder Downfall from Birchen Clough Bridge at the foot of the Snake. Crossing the Tor they headed for Lose Hill via Grindsbrook Clough. Stuart’s group followed the Pennine Way from Featherbed Moss on the top of the Snake, across Mill Hill and over the Tor, descending by the Limestone Way. There was a bitterly cold wind on the ridge and they needed a good pace just to keep warm. Mike James started at Lose Hill and headed for the Tor. They descended to Castleton by Cave Dale. Huw and Steve led their small group up to the Tor and along to Lose Hill. They returned via Hope village where they just happened to enc