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June 2020 In Touch

June 2020                                     Keeping in Touch  I hope you are all keeping well and fit and rearing to go.... Mike Kirby has kindly made his videos available to brighten up your days and remind you of some of the walks you may have enjoyed over the past couple of years. Browse through them but don’t miss the Langdale and Crib Goch ones. He has reattached the links to walks below. You can watch them without getting your feet wet... Thank you Mike K. Ambleside to Windermere Feb 2020 Sedbergh November 2019 Hawes August 2019 Langdale August 2019 Seatoller June 2019 Cracoe to Grassington May 2019 Pillar May 2019 Whiteside to Grisedale Pike May 2019 Crib Go