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May 2020

I hope you are keeping well and safe. If you have been for your walk, have finished the gardening and decorating and the cleaning the house and you are fed up sitting by yourself with nothing to do, have a look at this album. There’s a selection to browse from – ‘a random 2018 best’. There are so many beautiful photos on file it was difficult to choose. I hope I have not missed anyone out. Let me know if I have and I will rectify the omission! They are not in chronological order but they are all from late 2018. It will remind you of how many good walks and such good company we have shared in the Club. I know there are a number of members who are doing essential work at this time. We thank you for your generous and indispensable service. The Fells will still be there whenever it is safe to travel and safe to walk on them. Until then – keep well and enjoy the Album. Click here Mike