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COVID WALKS October 2020

  This month’s Covid Blog 2020 reflects a medley of interests pursued by Club Members in the absence of the club walks during recent lock down, but before the ‘Very High Level Local Alert’. One or two members have managed mountain walks in areas rarely visited by our coach programme – Mike C to Wastwater, Geoff to Buttermere, Alan and Edwina to Helvellyn and then Glen Shee in Scotland. Marcia and Family revisit their favourite Derbyshire haunts and Pat   joins them on their 12m hike round Freshfield and Ainsdale Reserves. Mike B stays near to home also on the Reserve, and to nearby places of historical interest. Anne and Mike cross the Cheshire Plain and explore Frodsham and Hale. Finally, Allan J explores the area through the lens of his camera with an interesting selection of some artistic photography.   Thanks to our regular photographers Alan W, Marcia, Mike C, Mike K, Mike B and Geoff we have an album of pictures for you to enjoy. As usual click on the address below: https://pho