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                                                                                                                                                     Allan J Covid Blog Walks - March  2021 Another Blog - just keeping in touch and sharing some of the walks that other members of the club are enjoying. Clearly many have been walking similar routes and it is always interesting to see things that one person walks past and another says : what on earth is that for?  and takes a photo of it ! There are many beautiful photos in this selection and I am delighted that the photographers are happy to share them with us. Thanks to Marcia, Tony, Geoff, Allan J, Mike C, Mike B and Alan A If any other members have photos or new discoveries they would like to show, please send them to me or let me know.         We follow a simple rule - no one should be on a photo if they do not wish to be. No predictions when we may be walking again - but it must be getting nearer! Happy Easter    Keep well and keep fi