NIKI SMITH in BORNEO 14th August 2019

Nicki goes to Borneo!

I've just come back from an incredible trip working as a volunteer on an
Orangutan Sanctuary, there is currently a programme on TV about the
centre, Orangutan Jungle School on Ch4 I think.

I love Orangies and have wanted to see them for years - so I've been
saving and went with an organisation called The Great Projects - it was
a dream that delivered and much much more, we had to work and it was
hard work - we made the 'jungle gym' that you see the orangies playing
on - I learnt how to lay cement - how to saw bamboo - how to use a
machete to go leaf gathering - I wish I was still there now.

Anyway, I know we are a 'walking club' but I've included some photo's
possibly for the website/blog (hoping it's not too many).  I could have
gone on for ever, I have loads of them and videos too of the Orangies
but we went on a hike to a local park also and that was lovely. Whatever,
it lacked in the distance we covered, it more than made up for it in heat and
humidity!!! It was also quite steep and we were all drenched in sweat,
but as usual it was worth it when we got to the top.

As I said I hope I haven't gone over the top with the photos and they
don't take too long in getting through. See you Sunday, if you are out.


Nicki's photo album is ready to open....just click here

Brillaint !   What an adventure !


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